Fire oh fire…

Fire, fire, burning bright. Your warmth and comfort I seek tonight.

When days are cold and life colder; it’s the warmth and cheer found in you.

Why do we tangle these webs?  Life really doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Everyday is a new day.

A new day To begin again

To seek those things that make our hearts beat faster

Make our steps a little lighter

Make our smiles a little warmer.

Make our giving more joyful.

Ahhhh the fire where all things lost become  dim and are replaced by a new day.

When I was a child… 

And saw clouds like this, with rays of sunshine streaming through. I imagined all the people who had died recently were being brought up to heaven. 

That was many years ago, but anytime I see this phenomenon I’m reminded of the innocent thoughts of a child. 

Round Pegs for a Square Whole

I suppose this will be the place, a place where i’ll express some innermost. The place where, for now i’ll place my round pegs that don’t fit into the square holes.

At first I considered transferring writings from my other WordPress site. Mainly because that site was originally created to discuss lovely family things. I’ve divorced and my children are older, things are different now. So far I have done that for one thought. Not sure I’ll do that for the rest.  Just so you know some original writings will have already been published  once already and may turn up here and be removed from my other site.

Mostly i’m a happy, easy going, down to earth girl, woman. Middle age, retired military, do a little work here and there.